#DFT2021: ElectroNite //Berlin meets Lyon// a German-French virtual Clubbing Experience

29janv.8:00 pm11:00 pm#DFT2021: ElectroNite //Berlin meets Lyon// a German-French virtual Clubbing Experience

Détails de l'événement

Ah Corona… you make us sweat out lately… we thought we could celebrate Franco-German friendship together in 2021, but you didn’t want to do it this way.

We don’t give up! Why not try something new, which reminds us and makes us feel what we know we love though! Just differently… Partying together, meeting people and sharing a moment while listening to some great loud sound!

Imagine a German floor and a French floor in parallel and you, from your living room, can go from one to the other, enjoy, dance around, be dressed up and at the same time chat and talk with your friends or random people from the other side of the border or from all over the world while enjoying the music! (Look on the bright side, crossing a border has never been so easy!)

Thanks to the platform, developed by DJs from the Berlin electronic scene, and our collaboration with the web radio Radio Beguin, we offer you the opportunity to live a virtual but very real experience articulated around DJs from Berlin and Lyon who will for 4 hours of live music dust off their decks that have been left unused far too long !

To participate, interact and be part of the party you have to go to the following link: (we promise there won’t even be a queue)

Line Up:

Berlin Floor:
* Mimi Love (Katerblau)
* M.RUX (Tal der Verwirrung)
* Acado (Techno Frühstück),

Lyon Floor:
* [To be Announced]

We would like to thank the German-French Citizen Fund for the financial support which made the organisation and the remuneration of the artists possible and which guarantees that this event is free of charge!


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(Vendredi) 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm